Il crack Parmalat e l’Italia

Tanzi, indagato per il crack Parmalat, è recluso a San Vittore. Arriva il cappellano che gli porta ogni giorno il conforto religioso: “Bene figliolo . Dimmi tutto”. “Ho peccato, padre, ho molto peccato! – gli dice Calisto – Ho imbrogliato, fatto le fotocopie dei soldi, falsificato il bilancio, lasciato sul lastrico i dipendenti…”. “Tutto questo lo sappiamo, figliolo… – risponde il cappellano, sorseggiando un bicchiere di latte. “Si, ma ho anche falsificato il valore della … Continue reading

Here’s Brown’s Job…

Mr. Feland wrote the text in 1920 for the BBDO house organ, “The Wedge”…and it was used later as a full page advertisement in the New York Times. In both uses, it created tremendous interest, receiving much editorial praise as an outstanding piece of agency propaganda. “Just why,” Mr. Feland once commented, “is a little hard to understand, inasmuch as, beyond our signature, it makes no reference to agency operation.” Here’s Brown’s Job… Brown’s Job … Continue reading

Carl William Brown On Humour

As Blake said the voice of honest indignation is the voice of God, and humour without any doubt means indignation towards the follies of the world, sarcastic indignation against human vanity, his authority and his stupidity. We can also consider Humor as a form of revenge through which we can get even of the abuses supported without breaking the law. Humor, which is one of the highest activity of the human brain, as Freud sais, … Continue reading

The Hierarchy of Power Semantics!

In the beginning was the Plan and the Specification. And the Plan was without form and the Specification it was void. And darkness was on the face of the implementation team. And they spake unto their leader, saying, “It is a crock of shit and it stinks to high heaven.” And it was the leader and it was the project head. Now the leader spake unto the project head, saying, “It is a crock of … Continue reading