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Technical chart of a stock market trend

linedividerTo be a trader or an investor first you must have some money (a lot is better), and then you should learn and practice some financial activities. The problem arises if you don’t have money, then what you necessarily need is vast knowledge and great skilfulness. In any case you must be very very careful, because the market is always there, ready to fuck you! Alternatively, if you are still young, you might try to become a manager, and consequently get rich working hard and earning a lot, so that you can afford some professional financial advisors.
Carl William Brown

The rich are those who play to win. The middle class plays not to lose.
Robert Kiyosaki

It is essential to wait for trades with a good risk/reward ratio. Patience is a virtue for a trader.
Alexander Elder
Poor is that man who has got no patience. William Shakespeare

Stop loss must certainly be used if you are trading a dangerous, unreliable and uncertain stock, for instance that of a bad bank (BMPS in Italy is such a good example), or if you are practicing day trading and you are betting on the rise or fall of a share, above all if you are trading with leverage, and finally when you are in a positive trade and you are already gaining money, so you can set a trailing stop and/or a stop loss. In all the other cases stop losses can result in a useless waste of money, without any real advantage for your business. That is clear since a share can move down even 10 or 15 per cent, if not more, in seconds or minutes and then rise again with the same speed or on the same day, and if your stop loss wasn’t set  very skilfully  probably you have lost money for nothing!
Carl William Brown

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